New POWERGLIDE® Enables Superior Performance of Multiple Zone Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Pedestals

POWERGLIDE® is a unique embodiment of Watlow's Adaptive Thermal Systems (ATS™) technology and combines temperature and power control into one ATS-enabled device ideal for semiconductor processing applications. 


POWERGLIDE offers several communication protocols including EtherCAT®, which is optimized for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. 

Features and Benefits 

Built-in automatic calibration algorithm 

  • Eliminates downtime associated with calibration 

High TCR heater materials based temperature control 

  •  Allows closed loop control for all zones

Incorporates ceramic control algorithms

  • Maintains the limitations of the materials to protect the pedestal 
  • Provides programmable, state-based PID control 

EtherCAT® communications protocol

  • Ensures adherence to industry standard protocols