EZ-ZONE RMA users have had to spend more time than desired to connect their entire system. Now the RMA PLUS offers standard state-of-the-art connectivity from the device to the entire system. Real-time communication is possible via a built-in Ethernet switch or USB. Users can also connect to third-party and legacy devices because the RMA PLUS acts as a gateway between EtherNet/IP™, Modbus® TCP and Modbus® RTU.

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The device comes standard with a built-in managed Ethernet switch with two Ethernet jacks. Up to three Modbus® TCP sessions, three Watlow standard bus over Ethernet sessions and one standard bus over USB session is available in a single device.

Users can also log up to 16 gigabytes of data standard or upgrade to a maximum of 32 gigabytes. Configuration and data logs are available as Windows® files so they can be easily accessed. In addition, discovery and transfer speeds have gone from minutes with the legacy EZ-ZONE RMA to just seconds with the RMA PLUS.

Because the RMA PLUS is an essential component of the EZ-ZONE RM family, users receive all the benefits and support of working with Watlow®.

Features & Benefits

  • Plug and play access to EZ-ZONE RM family
    • Integrates easily into existing systems
  • Built-in Ethernet switch
    • Eliminates the need to provide a switch for small systems
  • Offers port mirroring for troubleshooting
    • Protects from broadcast and multicast storms
  • Integrated USB connection
    • Provides easy connection from PC with no converter
  • Ensures real-time communication from software packages
    • EtherNet/IP™ Modbus® TCP and Modbus® RTU
  • Allows users to build tables based on individual needs
    • Connects to third-party and legacy devices
  • Data logging
    • Offers users the opportunity to log any data point in the

Interoperable with:

  • EZ-ZONE RM (A, C, E, H, L, S, F, G, Z)

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