Watlow’s New WATCONNECT® Large and Extra-Large Panels Maximize Process Uptime and Small Footprint

Unlike most control panels installed in the field, WATCONNECT large and extra-large control panels permit safe access to control compartments allowing users to troubleshoot without shutting down the process.

In addition, the large and extra-large panels only utilize 50% of the space that competitive panels require, which frees up areas for other critical equipment needed in the process.

As an additional option, the Data Insights Package offers thermal system analytics such as power and control health, failed element detection, process continuity and more.

All WATCONNECT control panels are pre-designed for a proven, high-quality solution.

Features and Benefits

Advanced thermal design

  • Offers high reliability
  • Includes solid copper internal power interconnect for less expansion and contraction
  • Provides environmental and field connection health monitoring for identifying issues before failure

Easy access to control compartment

  •  Allows for panel troubleshooting without process shutdown

Resettable components

  • Reduces maintenance time
  • Eliminates need for spare parts

Small footprint

  •  Utilizes up to 50% less control room space than other panels

Data Insights Package (optional) - Industry 4.0

  • Allows for review and analysis of the data collected by a data scientist and thermal system expert
  • Includes comprehensive quarterly thermal system report including insights and recommendations for system improvement
  • Offers collaborative touchpoints: Engineer-to-engineer data review
  • Enables preventative maintenance or factory assistance

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