Maximize system uptime, yield, and reliability with our powerful Data Insights Package.

We analyze your WATCONNECT® control panel data to identify opportunities for enhanced efficiency. Receive a comprehensive quarterly thermal system report, providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations. Seamlessly integrated into your panel, our monitoring capability has zero impact on system footprint. Your data remains secure with a read-only connection to the cloud via cellular connectivity. 

What will Watlow® deliver? 

  • Review and analysis of the data conducted by a data scientist and thermal system expert. 
  • Comprehensive quarterly thermal system report showing time series, graphics, statistical data, anomalies.
  • Executive summary including insights and recommendations for system improvement. 
  • Collaborative touchpoints, engineer-to-engineer, to review the data and develop context. 

What analysis is included?

Power and temperature controller health

  • Prevent unplanned downtime and perform maintenance as-needed by ensuring basic functionality of system components.

Failed element detection

  • Prevent unplanned downtime, pre-order replacement elements and schedule maintenance activities in advice.  

Process continuity (process drift)

  • Improve system reliability by monitoring process drift over time; this gives visibility to changes in the system that can prompt maintenance activities to avoid unplanned downtime.

Environmental controls within the panel (optional)

  • Monitoring panel environmental data to alert to changes in environmental conditions that could lead to a failure.

Optically decoupled monitoring of field wiring terminals (optional)

  • Extended system life and optimized maintenance schedules by monitoring terminal temperature to determine when maintenance is needed to tighten the terminals.

Data Collection


What data will be collected?

  • Power, current, voltage
  • SCR/Controller alarms
  • Process values 
  • Set point
  • Panel environmental data and wiring terminal temperatures (based on panel configuration)

How will the data be collected?

  1. The panel will include a Eurotech cellular gateway device, to pull data from controllers via Modbus® TCP/Modbus® RTU.
  2. Data will be aggregated and send it to the secured cloud via one-way only MQTT communications; a differential cellular network connection enabled through two antennae installed on top of the panel.
  • The device follows EN62368-1:2014 safety standards and is rated for both RED (EU wireless comms) and FCC/ISED (NA wireless comms)

Will my system remain secure?

The connected panel protects the customer control system by limiting communications to read-only access; the operation of the data monitoring system will have no effect on the performance of the thermal system; our IoT architecture has been designed with cybersecurity in mind. 


Protection at the device level with Eurotech's RELIAGATE10-14 gateway

  • Adheres to IEC 62443-4-1/2 cybersecurity standard and PSA Level 1 certification
  • Compliant with California SB-327 password law
  • Hardware support for TPM 2.0, Secure Boot
  • Always-on physical anti-tampering monitor/logger that is active even when system is removed form power

End-to-end encrypted connection between device and Azure IoT Hub

  • One-way only communication to the cloud, no access to write control parameters
  • Data encrypted using SHA-256 encryption
  • SSL/TLS certificate for Device to Cloud connection


Secured and encrypted data throughout  Microsoft Azure cloud environment

  • SAML authentication on cloud architecture
  • User authentication required at all end points with limited access and dedicated administrative accounts 
  • Private end point database
  • AES-256 encrypted data storage


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