Thermal Solutions

Watlow has been working with the world’s leading companies in Foodservice Equipment for decades. Our thermal solutions meet the needs of the most demanding commercial kitchens to ensure that your equipment is ready to go when customers are ready to eat.

Engineering Support

Watlow’s thermal knowledge and precision engineered solutions have led the foodservice equipment industry for decades. We strive to know our customers’ application as well or even better than they do. Our field based sales engineers function as an extension of our customers’ engineering team... Read More

Proprietary Designs

Our commitment to our foodservice equipment customers has never wavered. While many of our competitors will sell your spare parts to third party providers, Watlow has never done this. We believe that the proprietary designs and products built for you are, by definition, yours...Read More

Strategic Supplier

At Watlow we approach our customers with a different mindset right from the start. Our technology and long standing legacy within foodservice equipment provides us with the enviable position of knowing the thermal environment at a deeper level than traditional competitors...Read More



Watlow has the perfect thermal solutions for quick-serve electric fryers. Our thermal solutions maximize fryer efficiencies, have optimized control, heat faster, cook safer and have innovative features.

Warming Cabinets

foodservice oem warming cabinet

High performance warming equipment is one of the most effective ways to control operational costs. However balance between consistency of food quality and cost savings is critical for a great customer experience. Watlow understands this and leverages our broad experience within the foodservice equipment industry to develop solutions that perform.


Foodservice Equipment OEM oven

All equipment is not created equal. That is why Watlow offers an array of thermal solutions for all types of standard, rotisserie, combi and convection ovens and applications. Watlow's WATROD tubular heater elements and flat FIREBAR® elements lead the industry in versatility and quality and our controller and sensors offerings deliver the remaining components required to deliver a high performance cooking system.

Grills & Griddles

foodservice grill

Watlow’s thermal technologies are used in a wide variety of grills, griddles and toasters throughout the foodservice industry. Our heaters, sensors and controllers deliver the optimal cooking environment for standard and double-sided grills for clamped on, grooved or cast in designs.



Clean plates and eating utensils are table stakes when it comes to a great customer experience. High performing warewash equipment requires high performing thermal solutions that ensure not only clean dishes but consistent operating temperatures that meet tough, FDA safety requirements.