Our Nuclear team focuses on ASME Section III parts and appurtenances. Watlow’s Nuclear NQA-1 Quality Assurance program provides Safety related heaters, thermocouples, and RTDs. Watlow can offer commercial grade dedication to commercial heaters, thermocouples, RTDs, and Controllers. Our Nuclear team provides the highest level of thermal solutions design, project management, and documentation to our customers. It is this level of service and experience that differentiates Watlow as the thermal leader among their competition in the Nuclear Industry.

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Solutions that enable a competitive edge

Watlow Partners with our customers to understand the feasibility where applications require higher temperatures, higher power, lower emissions, and footprint considerations.

  • Pressurizer Heating
  • Emergency Diesel Generator
  • Reactor Coolant System
  • Boric Acid Bath Tank Heating
  • Hydrogen Recombiner Heating
  • RCS Peripheral Water Systems
  • SMR
Important Thermal Considerations
  • Regulations
  • System Design Compatibility
  • Heater Life Reliability
  • Temperature Uniformity

Related System Components:


POWERSAFE™ Thermal System



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"Greening" Industry Though Innovative Process and Environmental Technologies: 2020 Report

Tighter regulations, mounting public pressure and shifts in the economy have all put pressure on industries to explore green technologies. But after decades of pursuing the " low-hanging fruit,"  many industries are facing tough engineering problems. However, innovative solutions need to be large, futuristic, or expensive: Watlow's own technologies prove that smaller "partner" technologies can often help solve very specific problems that, together, bar the way to more progress. Here we review five such technologies, showcasing how they  are helping to reduce power needs, electrify key processes, reduce emissions, clean hazardous waste and support renewable power.

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