Electrification of Fossil Fueled Heaters

As part of the drive towards lowering global emissions, Watlow provides industry leaders with options to electrify their current fossil fueled thermal equipment. We do this through careful analysis of the applications and designs for a smoother transition.

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Solutions that enable a competitive edge

Watlow partners with our customers to understand the feasibility where applications require higher temperatures, higher power, lower emissions and footprint considerations.
Important Thermal Considerations
  • High Temperature Requirements
  • Process Conditions 
  • Design Life

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Decarbonization, Electrification and the Case for Modern Electric Process Heaters

Companies in liquified natural gas (LNG) and other industries have been taking bold steps to reduce their carbon footprint. The overall strategy of these companies is to tackle carbon emissions not only through alternative energy investment and increased efficiency, but also through converting key industrial processes (like process heating) to electric(rather than fuel-fired). This paper explores pressures to electrify process heating, as well as the role that electric heat exchangers are playing, particularly in light of innovations in the design of these heaters.

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