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Decarbonization, Electrification and the Case for Modern Electric Process Heaters

Companies in liquified natural gas (LNG) and other industries have been taking bold steps to reduce their carbon footprint. The overall strategy of these companies is to tackle carbon emissions not only through alternative energy investment and increased efficiency, but also through converting key industrial processes (like process heating) to electric(rather than fuel-fired). This paper explores pressures to electrify process heating, as well as the role that electric heat exchangers are playing, particularly in light of innovations in the design of these heaters.

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"Greening" Industry Though Innovative Process and Environmental Technologies: 2020 Report

Tighter regulations, mounting public pressure and shifts in the economy have all put pressure on industries to explore green technologies. But after decades of pursuing the " low-hanging fruit,"  many industries are facing tough engineering problems. However, innovative solutions need to be large, futuristic, or expensive: Watlow's own technologies prove that smaller "partner" technologies can often help solve very specific problems that, together, bar the way to more progress. Here we review five such technologies, showcasing how they  are helping to reduce power needs, electrify key processes, reduce emissions, clean hazardous waste and support renewable power.

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Solving the World's Most Important Thermal Problems


Continuous helical flow makes for more even, reliable process heating while reducing maintenance intervals due to coking and fouling.


Rapidly and independently heats the aftertreatment system allowing the engine to operate more efficiently while meeting low NOx emission requirements.

About ECO-HEAT® Exhaust Heating System

POWERSAFE is a fully integrated medium voltage control and heating solution that offers longer heater life, allowing you confidently replace fossil fuel solutions with a clean electric solution.

ASPYRE® DT Intelligent Power Controller

ASPYRE is a flexible, scalable SCR power controller for modern industrial applications.


Achieve world-class pressure drop performance. Developed with technology to provide advanced flow for a more efficient CAPEX, and heat transfer. 


WATCONNECT panels are flexible and scalable; there are thousands of configurable, pre-engineered panel solutions available.


Our EXACTSENSE active sensors provide the accuracy, response time and durability required to assure precise and reliable high temperature measurement with low drift throughout the life of your aftertreatment system.

High-Temperature Heaters

Watlow solutions meet the challenging requirements of high temperature applications. 

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Advanced Thermal Design

WATCONNECT® Large & Extra-Large Control Panels

Watlow’s New WATCONNECT® Large and Extra-Large Panels Maximize Process Uptime and Small Footprint

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