Temperature Control

For Watlow, the underlying concept behind everything we do is that of the thermal loop. Every product we offer, and every project we work on, is ultimately about the creation and control of a thermal loop in some application. This paper, the first in a series, will focus on the three foundational components of the thermal loop - the heaters, the sensors and the controllers. In subsequent white papers we will further explore how a thermal loop can be enhanced through new technologies such as data acquisition and cyber security. Once you understand this basic concept, it will help you see where Watlow’s specific products, projects and expertise fit into the bigger picture.

By Admin | 07 Feb 2024

Heat treatment processes are a crucial component of many manufacturing processes, and thermal loop solutions have become increasingly popular for achieving improved temperature control and consistent outcomes. But many OEMs are missing opportunities where thermal loop solutions offer more than just greater control. In this article, by Engineer Live Magazine, Peter Sherwin, and Thomas Rücker,explore the possibilities of thermal loop solutions.

By Engineer Live Magazine | 30 Jun 2023

Blind spots in any industrial system can cost you money. Here’s where they most commonly occur in temperature sensing systems, and what you can do about it.

By Watlow | 18 Nov 2022

Temperature, process and power controllers have become highly sophisticated devices. Essential to thermal system operation and running a seamless process, controllers are communication tools capable of monitoring systems, switching power, logging and recording data and enforcing safety limits. But not all controllers are equal, and not all controllers speak the same language.

By Admin | 24 May 2021

Electrical noise occurs when electrical signals produce undesirable effects in the electronic circuits of the control system. This guide discusses how to identify and correct electrical noise issues.

22 Sep 2020

Temperature controllers for industrial systems are sometimes situated in inaccessible locations. Learn how Watlow's mobile app can help reduce downtime through remote controller management.

13 Aug 2020

Connectivity of devices is important in today’s industries. Watlow’s RMA PLUS makes several strides to improve controller connectivity and data logging capabilities. Click the title to read more.

18 Jun 2020

Setting up a control loop in PID controllers is an intricate process that has to be executed with the utmost precision. This article walks through the process.

18 May 2020

According to the best available research, improvements in the user interface in a piece of technology can yield improved efficiency of up to 700%, factoring in ease of use, ease of training and reduction in errors committed. Modern controllers such as PM PLUS are designed with this in mind, and can provide a distinct competitive advantage when deployed into both new and existing processes.

15 May 2020

Modern process controllers not only help suppliers in the aerospace industry to comply more easily with Nadcap requirements and speed up audits—they also help guarantee quality. A great example of such a controller is Watlow’s F4T, which incorporates batch mode functionality and hassle-free, pre-formatted reports.

20 Apr 2020

Choosing an industrial electric heater is a complex process including everything from how hot it will operate to the safety factors and life cycle of the unit. The replacement costs also need to be taken into consideration. Here we highlight some of the main areas that should affect your heater selection.

By Watlow | 17 Mar 2020