If while conducting business the best course of action is unclear, our Business Code of Conduct outlines guidelines for:

  • Fair dealing
  • Appropriate disclosures and use of company assets
  • Good corporate citizenship
  • Appropriate channels for addressing potential violations
  • Regular reviews and updates of our policies to ensure that we achieve internationally recognized best practices

We comply with the spirit and intent of all United States international trade related laws and regulations, as well as those of other countries where we do business. Under no circumstances may an export, reexport, import (whether of a service, commodity, technical data, or technology), or any other transaction be made contrary to these laws and regulations or contrary to the Watlow's policies and procedures governing international transactions. Our team of world class global trade compliance professionals is strategically spread throughout our global sites to provide unmatched value and execution for our customers.

Watlow recognizes our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our team members. Our Health and Safety Policy outlines rigorous standards that support the well-being of all employees. At Watlow, we keep team members safe by ensuring proper safeguards are in place for each of our job processes.

  • Our robust safety operation system proactively identifies risks and improves employee safety
  • Monthly safety training on key subjects
  • Training for specific functions or roles requiring PPEs
  • Continuous improvement
  • Prevention of pollution and prevention of injury and ill health
  • Meet or exceed relevant legislation, regulations and other requirements

Our suppliers are evaluated to ensure we’re working with partners who share our values. To ensure our ambitious standards are supported, our Supplier Selection, Evaluation, Monitoring and Development Policy outlines criteria for:

  • Documented process for auditing and vetting new suppliers
  • Proactively monitoring supplier performance
  • Taking part in collaborative improvement efforts
  • Material traceability