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Watlow 100-Year Celebration

This year Watlow is celebrating our 100 Year Anniversary, a rare and special milestone that few companies achieve. Each site will celebrating in different ways and at different times to best accommodate the local needs and traditions that make each site uniquely Watlow. Team members are encouraged to visit this page often for updates, information and other related content available to enhance and celebrate this special anniversary.

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Watlow 100-Year Stories

World Leader in Asphalt Paving Turns to Watlow® for Thermal Solutions

When road builders pave with asphalt, tough construction conditions pose several threats to peak performance of the screeds used to flatten, shape and smooth the driving surface. Maintaining a uniform temperature over the entire screed plate – essential to the quality and density of the finished road – is a particular challenge. It is one that Caterpillar® (Cat®), the world’s leading paving equipment maker, has turned to Watlow® to fulfill with its FIREBAR® flattened tubular heaters since 2008.

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Watlow’s Constructive Culture Helps Strengthen Team Members’ Energy, Pride and Confidence

Though invisible to the eye, corporate cultures have a tremendous impact on how companies perform. Becoming a place where people feel they “get” to work rather than “have” to work takes more than shared beliefs expressed in a clear mission, vision, values and strategy. It also requires aligning the company’s structure, systems, job design and leadership with those ideals in the daily choices, actions, conversations and decisions made at work.

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Team Members' Talents and Contributions Make Querétaro a Manufacturing Center of Excellence 

Our next 100 year short stories series, features Watlow's Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Querétaro, México. Building a constructive culture and focusing on people has resulted in high quality and value for our customers.

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The Watlow® Brand Reflects Company's Evolution;

The Watlow brand in 2015 has stood the test of time. During its 50+ years of use, Watlow had moved from developing high-performance heaters to become a thoroughly integrated thermal solutions provider.

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The Watlow Business System: Building Cohesiveness in a Single Picture;

The Watlow Business System has helped make conflict productive and led to better understanding of the tradeoff decisions to be made. Its effectiveness in shipping priorities and investment decision has helped spur dramatic sales and profit growth since 2012.

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Watlow® Sensors for Thermo King® Protect Precious Cargo in a Single Picture;

Thermo King® was Watlow's largest customer for nearly ten years. Read about a project that help Watlow become a key strategic partner to this Raving Fan customer in our next 100 year story.

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G-Time Reserves Space to Test, Learn and Invent Breakthrough Ideas;

As our 100 year stories continue, we read about G-Time, an innovation initiative encouraging Watlow's technical community to experiment with their own curiosity and interests.

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Watlow® Shapes Solutions with Data and Deep Thermal Systems Knowledge;

So far our stories have covered Watlow innovation from rich history. Read how our vision and early work in Industry 4.0 will shape our future..

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"The Watlow® Way" Maps Winning Behaviors;

The Watlow Way has guided our business for more than 15 years. Read how it started in our next 100-year story.

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"Rejecting Status Quo Leads to Grand Slam Polyimide Heater Technology";

Innovation in the Semiconductor Industry

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"Watlow's Talent Pool: A Cultivation Continuum"

Keeping the innovation going for 100 years through the talent continuum

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