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The QPAC modular controller from Watlow is a modular SCR power controller available in one phase, three phase, two leg and three phrase, three leg configurations.

Solid State Relays

Solid State Relays from Watlow offer many advantages of solid state power controllers but at a more economical cost with a fast cycle input design developed from their power controller expertise.


The Series CZR solid state relay from Watlow is a low-cost, compact and versatile solid state option for electric heat control.


This electric heat controller, the DIN-A-MITE B from Watlow, is a low-cost and highly compact yet versatile solid state controller made especially for controlling electric heat.


The POWER SERIES of solid state control products is a microprocessor based product for SCR power controller and solid state controller applications.


The DIN-A-MITE® D silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) power controller provides an inexpensive, versatile product for controlling heat in an efficient package.


The DIN-A-MITE C is a solid state controller from Watlow. This silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) controller provides solid state options for controlling heat.

EZ-ZONE® PM Express Limit Controller

From Watlow’s family of limit controls, the EZ-ZONE PM Express controller is a panel mount limit controller for over under limit control and menu functionality.

SERIES LV Temperature Limit Controller

The Series LV is a temperature limit controller and is available in a broad range of packaging options and can be ordered in panel mount or rail mount designs.

EZ-ZONE® PM Limit Controller

EZ-ZONE PM Limit Controllers from Watlow provide scalable power controller output and over/under limit controller control in one Panel Mount package.

SERIES LF Temperature Limit Controllers

The Watlow family of temperature limit controllers includes the Series LF with fixed set point limit controls and can be used with or without an operator interface.


Temperature meters from Watlow include the SERIES TM Temperature Meter, a microprocessor based meter for applications requiring process temperature monitoring.

EZ-ZONE® ST Controller

This integrated controller also includes 200KA short circuit current rating (SCCR) tested up to 480VAC to minimize damage in the event of a short circuit when used with required fusing.

EZ-ZONE® PM Express

The EZ-ZONE PM Express is an industry leading PID controller from Watlow. The PID Controller includes on universal input and an option for up to two outlets and can be used as a limit controller.

SERIES EHG® SL10 Controller

The SERIES EHG® SL10 integrated controller that is also a multi-function controller is a key component for integrating a heater, set point temperature controller, temp alert, power switching device and a safety limit.