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EZ-ZONE® LabVIEW™ Driver

This instrument driver for National Instruments' LabVIEW™ software communicates with Watlow's EZ-ZONE suite of controller products via the standard bus communications protocol that is included with all EZ-ZONE controller products.


The EZ-ZONE GSD Editor software works in conjunction with Watlow’s line of EZ-ZONE controllers. The editor enables users to configure communications between products.

EHG® SL10 Software

Watlow temperature control software includes the EHG SL10 controller software that allows users to configure, monitor, log and chart datea from the EHG SL10 integrated controllers


COMPOSER® Graphical Configuration Software Helps Users Quickly Configure Application Solutions Using Sophisticated Controllers

EZ-ZONE® Configurator

The EZ-ZONE configurator software allows Watlow’s EZ-ZONE PID Controllers, Integrated Controllers, Solid State Controllers and more be configured in one simple process.

EZwarePlus & EZware-5000

The EZwarePlus & EZware-5000 operator interface software suite creates, edits and manages projects for Silver Series operator interface terminals (OITs) from Watlow.

ASPYRE® Configurator

Free download of ASPYRE configuration software for supported SCR power controllers

EZ-ZONE® RM Integrated Controller

The EZ-ZONE RM Integrated Controller can be configured as an integrated on-off or PID control, temperature limit controller, high density controller, and for other controller functions.

SERIES CV Temperature Controller

Series CV temperature controller from Watlow includes a setpoint control and operator interface for viewing, for an economical temperature controller for simple on/off control applications.

SERIES CF Set Point Controller

The Series CF is one of the set point controllers in Watlow’s family of temperature controllers. The microprocessor design delivers repeatability, accuracy and performance advantages.

SERIES F4 Ramping Controller

Meeting the requirements for the most demanding ramp soak controller applications, the Series F4 ramping temperature controller from Watlow is available in single and dual applications.

SERIES F4 Process Controller

The Series F4 process controller from Watlow is an industrial temperature process controller for the semiconductor, plastic processing, packaging and industrial process industries.

EZ-ZONE® PM Panel Mount Controller

The EZ-ZONE PM is a panel mount controller that can be offered as a PID controller, limit controller or the functions can be combined as an integrated controller.


The E-SAFE® II hybrid power switch provides reliable and accurate power switching up to 35 amperes at 158°F (70°C). This mercury-free product is specifically designed to operate in the higher ambient temperatures of foodservice applications.