Watlow Solves Complex Multi-Panel Heating System Application


A manufacturer of component parts for automobile transmissions needed to heat cleaning solutions. dip tanks and air for drying purposes. Six separate manufacturing lines were required. each with its own heating and control system.


Watlow designed and manufactured a complete turn key system that was pre-wired, pre-set and pre-calibrated for the customer. The result was a thermal system designed to promote long heater life while providing optimum performance.

Watlow manufactured the six-panel system that included the following Watlow products:

  • Six series 985 temperature controllers eleven mercury relays
  • Seven SERIES 140 high-limit temperature controllers
  • Two SERIES 400 open board temperature controllers
  • Two SERIES 340 temperature controllers
  • One QPAC power controller
  • 18 FIREBAR® immersion heaters
  • Six duct heaters
  • The Watlow FIREBAR heater was chosen because of its ability to operate at high watt densities despite space limitation problems. Watlow duct heaters were ideal for the system because the customer's specifications changed frequently during the project, and these heaters are available immediately from stock in several sizes and ratings.


The panels were painted green per the customer's specifications. Watlow also installed contactors and circuit breakers to make the system complete.

By taking a total thermal system approach, Watlow provided many cost saving advantages, as well as making the project less worrisome and time consuming for the customer.