Silicone Rubber Heater Puts Brakes On Truck Air Brake Moisture Problems


Air brakes on trucks need protection in winter against moisture freezing that can cause brake failure.


Air dryers with a Watlow silicone rubber heater that prevents venting valve freeze-up in temperatures as low as -70°F (-55°C).

Watlow engineering worked with this manufacturer to improve his product quality and keep costs at a minimum. The customer sends a casting to the Watlow plant where the heater is vulcanized to the casting in a specially adapted hydraulic press. This is the most efficient method of heat transfer because there is a minimum amount of insulation (mastic or glue) between the heater and the part. Some heaters are 12 volts, others 24 volts, so Watlow color-codes the leads to decrease the likelihood of an improper installation.