Radiant Tubular Heaters for Conveyorized Cooking Equipment


Pizza and soft pretzels, hamburgers and hot dogs, even bread and buns are baked, broiled and toasted, in conveyorized cooking equipment.

Predominantly, quartz heaters were being used in the conveyor cooking unit. However, quartz heaters are fragile and many were broken in shipment to the oven manufacturer. They also have a short life due to the equipment's high internal temperature.


The Watlow tubular heating elements are rugged and resist shipment damage, and offer longer life due to the computer calculated design. Additionally, Watlow reduced the customer's costs by providing right-angle spade electrical terminals, and assisting in obtaining UL® approval for the equipment. Recently, some state regulatory agencies have banned quartz heaters from food processing equipment which leaves the metal-sheathed, Watlow tubular element as the logical alternative.

UL® is a registered trademark of the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.