Watlow Radiant Panels Feature Even Temperature Gradients To Make Shrink Labeling Possible


An OEM needed to shrink styrofoam wrapping around plastic bottles. This required a very even heat to shrink the styrofoam evenly so that a smooth, uniform surface was obtained.


The Watlow radiant panel is an even, full-area heat source. The OEM manufacturer measured the temperature gradient across the face of a Watlow radiant panel, as well as the gradient of a number of competitor's full-area heat sources. Their findings were that Watlow radiant panels are consistent in temperature across the heater's surface.The competitor's heater that was closest in performance had a full ±9.7 percent variance over its surface, and the other competitive panels were worse.The temperature variance of the Watlow radiant panel can be improved by distributing the wattage along the length of the emitters and across the width of the panel itself.The even heat capabilities as well as the custom sizing and replaceable emitter design of the Watlow radiant panel helped make this OEM's labeling a success.