Power Switching Alternative To Mercury Relays


Mercury displacement relays have been used for decades to provide long life in high-power switching applications. With regulatory pressure mounting, companies are implementing strategic initiatives to eliminate mercury in their equipment. Manufacturers throughout the supply chain, whose products use mercury, are under pressure to respond with mercury-free and RoHS compliant products.


Watlow's E-SAFE® II hybrid power switch is a mercury-free, RoHS compliant alternative. The E-SAFE II provides reliable and accurate power switching up to 35 amperes at 70°C (158°F). Because of the product's unique design, there is no need to purchase costly heat sinks used with traditional solid state relays (SSRs). In addition, this is a three-phase device, so there is no need to wire multiple command signals. With a switching life of millions of cycles and an ambient rating of 70°C (158°F), with no heat sink required, this product is more superior than typical SSRs. The E-SAFE II hybrid power switch provides operators with longer contact life and higher performance than typical mechanical contactors used in equipment. Watlow?s NO-ARC technology, allows the E-SAFE II to switch millions of cycles increasing the life of the product with decreased noise and increased temperature accuracy.