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At the beginning of the pandemic, we set two priorities that guide our responses and decisions: the health and safety of our team members while continuing to supply essential products needed by our customers.

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Heating Fuel Oil Through Processing


The customer needed to keep the fuel oil heated during long periods of cold weather.


The customer had a 10,000 gallon underground storage tank used for storing #4 fuel oil. During long periods of cold weather, the temperature of the fuel oil drops to a point that makes it difficult to pump fuel oil from the tank.

The customer was using this fuel oil to fire a large boiler. In the past the storage was not being heated, which created the problem.


The heater chosen was a specially manufactured over-the-side heater. This heater was chosen since it could be installed through a manhole in the top of the tank. The elements were conformed in such a manner that allowed the heat to be concentrated around the pick-up tube.

This special over-the-side design allowed the heater to be installed in the large tank without having to empty the tank or cut any additional holes. The heater was constructed of steel using 8 W/in² with a moisture and explosion resistant housing.