Cartridge and Silicone Rubber Heaters In Hot Melt Equipment Flexible Heaters


Hot melt equipment is used for high-speed packaging operations as well as automated product assembly. For example, CB, radio, TV components, cabinets, automotive parts and corrugated cartons are assembled by handgun adhesive applicators. If the hose and gun were not heated, the adhesive would solidify and clog the application system.

In this application, a cartridge heater was frequently burning-out in the dispensing gun due to frequent cycling and poor heat transfer.


The adhesive in the melt pot was melted with a Watlow FIREROD® cartridge heaters, then pumped through hoses heated with silicone rubber heaters. The liquid glue was ejected onto the part through a dispensing gun heated by another FIREROD heater.

Watlow's FIREROD provided the customer with benefits including high watt density, UL® recognition, superior lead arrangement and trouble-free performance for their hot melt equipment application.


UL® is a registered trademark of the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.