Heaters Help Orange Juice Stay Fresh


A manufacturer produced machines that made paper tubes used for frozen juice containers. The application required a thermal system flexible enough to heat five to 10 various types of glues in quantities of five gallons (19 liters) with different melt temperatures and watt density tolerances.


The answer to this application was Watlow's FIREBAR® heater. The heater offered low watt density and wider temperature ranges. The FIREBAR used was a stock product formed to fit a glue pan.

A high-limit temperature controller was used to protect the glue from burning. Also, the FIREBAR heater was coated with a Teflon® coating to protect it from the glue.

Five advantages made the FIREBAR suitable for this application:

1. The FIREBAR was a stock product that could be shaped to meet the customer's needs without extensive engineering.
2. The FIREBAR's low watt densities, maximum surface area provided performance flexibility for the different glues.
3. The FIREBAR provided three individual heating elements, for low, medium and high selectable heat.
4. The FIREBAR could be supplied with a thin Teflon® sheath coating to prevent the glue from sticking
5. The FIREBAR could be supplied with a mounting bracket.

Value Added:

Ability to provide a custom FIREBAR solution.


Teflon® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company.