The global impact of COVID-19 on our people and the global economy is significant, and Watlow has taken a comprehensive approach to deal with the current crisis. Our contingency planning includes protecting our team members, communicating often with our customers and partners and maintaining the continuity of supply lines.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we set two priorities that guide our responses and decisions: the health and safety of our team members while continuing to supply essential products needed by our customers.

If you have questions about how the pandemic is impacting Watlow or Watlow’s response, please contact your Watlow representative.

Heaters Aid Semiconductor Manufacturing


A low temperature heater is needed for vacuum vapor deposition in semiconductor manufacturing. This insures uniform and accurate vapor etching, without introducing contamination into vacuum..


A polyimide heater, with an etched foil element, was designed with distributed wattage and internal thermocouples. Watlow bonded the heater to the customer's part with a shielded foil cover. Polyimide's low outgassing qualities keeps contamination in the vacuum chamber to a minimum.