Heater Makes OEM Blown Film Machine A Success


Internally heat the screw of a blown film extruder/gear-pump for optimizing performance.


The screw is internally heated by a FIREROD® heater with an internal thermocouple for temperature control. With this approach, approximately 50 percent or more of the energy imparted to the resin comes from direct thermal conduction rather than mechanically induced friction. What's more, melting occurs simultaneously at the screw flight's root and the point of contact between the resin particles and barrel wall, instead of just the latter, as in a conventional design.

Other benefits include lower melt temperatures, higher throughput capacity and improved gear pump energy efficiency (lb/hr/hp).

The FIREROD heater's capability to provide multiple pin construction for increased ampacity, internal thermocouple for temperature control and direct hook-up to 3-phase power supply were factors in selecting Watlow for this application.