Grommet Style Thermocouple Replaces Thermostat, Improves Thermal Performance


A manufacture produces several sizes of laminating machines for use by commercial printers and schools to laminate items like menu's, identification cards and other types of printed material.

The heat shoe or platen in these machines was heated by a cartridge heater. Temperature was controlled with a cartridge style thermostat. The heater and thermostat were installed in parallel 0.625-inch (15.9 mm) diameter holes located at the end of the platen.

The manufacturer wanted to achieve more precise platen temperature control. This necessitated replacing the thermostat with a solid state temperature controller and thermocouple temperature sensor


Watlow furnished a stock, ANSI Type J "grommet" thermocouple to replace the cartridge thermostat. The grommet thermocouple easily mounted with a small screw in the hole formerly used by the cartridge thermostat. The grommet thermocouple offers easy access for retrofit and allows continued use of the existing cast platens. This thermocouple is now the universal sensor for several styles of laminating machines.