Flexible Control Systems Key in Chemical Manufacturing


A photographic/chemical manufacturer needs to control the temperature of a process, while being able to view the process temperature and change the set point from one of two locations


The temperature control must be able to change from local set point to remote set point at the remote location and from remote set point to local set point at the control panel location. The remote location must be semi-portable.


A SERIES 982A-20CA-MARR in conjunction with a DC3C-3060-0000 DIN-A-MITE® controls the process temperature. A SERIES 987A-20CA-MARR was used as the remote display of process temperature and to generate the remote set point.

The SERIES 989A-12CA-MARR's input 2 was configured for a remote set point, output 3 was configured as a process retransmit, and event input 1 was configured to select the remote set point. The 982A-20A-MARR was configured with a linear input 1 scaled to match the process value on the 989A, while output 3 was set up as a retransmit of a set point.

The SERIES 982A's SPDT switch and operator, and a "local/remote" indicator were housed neatly in a ½ DIN x eight inch enclosure with a bail/handle and supplied with several tilt mount wall rackets. The 989A, the DIN-A-MITE, a DC supply for the 982A, and other accessories were housed in a NEMA enclosure near the process. The two enclosures were connected together by a 30 foot long cord using circular plastic connectors.

The customer was ale to locate the remote equipment on a mezzanine above the process. They were able to see the process temperature and change their process set point from either location by selecting "local/remote" at either end, saving many trips up and down the stairs.

Key products used for this solution: SERIES 989, SERIES 982, DIN-A-MITE