Flexible Circulation Heater Design Proved Most Efficient


The customer contacted Watlow wanting a replacement duct heater for a competitor's open coil unit.


The customer told us that in his application, debris would occasionally fall into the ductwork and break the coils on his present heater. Life span was only from 3-6 months. He was also experiencing failures inside the terminal box due to high ambient temperatures.


Our mounting flange was required to match the present opening. Watlow designed a heater to cover the existing opening and used 120 elements to fill the flange. Five rows of elements were used instead of the standard three. To combat the high ambient temperatures inside the terminal box, a standoff-type housing was used, which allowed the air to circulate and act as an insulator-between the flange and housing.

Even though our price was much higher than the competition, the customer was convinced that the Watlow design was more durable and cost effective. Salesmanship and design were the key ingredients in the receipt of this order.

Key Features of Watlow Heaters:

Durable and cost effective