FIREBAR® Heaters Simplify Wiring, Improves Chicken Cooking Performances


A deep fat fryer manufacturer desired to replace the three competitive round tubular elements, lower overall cost, lower watt density, change quickly from one phase to three phase, change mounting to eliminate over-the-side approach.


Used 3-phase FIREBAR® heaters rated at 6 kilowatts each for a total of 18 kilowatts per cooking vat. The customer can change from three phase to one phase in the field. The watt density is lowered 37W/in2 (5.7W/cm2).

Value Added

The competitor's round tubular elements had a watt density of 60W/in2 (9.3W/cm2) per element. This required the cooking oil to be constantly circulated so it would not burn. By installing the FIREBAR, the watt density was lowered to 23W/in2 (3.5W/cm2) per element. This allowed using a smaller pump and motor to circulate the oil. This saved cost savings for three reasons:

  1. The smaller pump and motor did not cost as much to purchase.
  2. The smaller pump and motor are more economical to operate.
  3. Using the FIREBAR heater distributed the heat evenly throughout the vat, not just around the outer perimeter.