FIREBAR® Heaters Improve Machinery Performance - Maintenance Too


A sealing bar, used to clamped down onto the edges of doormats to produce a flat edge had round tubular heaters inserted into holes in the sealing bar. Upon failure, the heaters could not be removed and the entire bar was replaced. Process temperature is approximately 300°F (150°C)


A FIREBAR® placed into a milled groove in the 84-inch (2.1 m) long steel sealing bar. The sealing bar held a standard production, dual ended 304 stainless steel sheath FIREBAR. The construction was 240 volt, 6 kW, 32W/in2 (4.9W/cm2) watt density, 3-phase, 48-inch (1.2 m) TAGT leads and silicone seals.

Aside from increased life, upon failure, the customer only has to replace the FIREBAR element, not the entire sealing bar.

Value Added:

Differentiated product.