1/32 DIN Controllers Good Fit for Mobile Application

Opportunity: firerod, rtd, series 935

A manufacturer of foam dispensing equipment was looking for a small temperature controller to use on a foam mixer and dispenser. This controller would be used to control two cartridge heaters, which would heat two solutions together then be mixed and dispensed as foam.


This specific piece of equipment needed to be mobile, able to withstand a harsh environment and user friendly. The controller also had to be a low cost solution and available with a 24 volt power supply input.


The SERIES 935 controller was introduced into this application. The SERIES 935 controller was chosen for its small size (1/32 DIN), durable NEMA 4X display and low cost. The customer has since upgraded to the new SERIES SD temperature controller, which is also available in the 1/32 DIN size. The SERIES SD has the added convenience of removable connectors for ease of wiring separate from the control. It also has a user-friendly menu with the ability to lockout unnecessary menu options.

This customer also used two of our FIREROD® cartridge heaters and an mineral insulated thermocouple to sense the heat put off by the heaters.