Watlow Circulation Heater Hands Fruit Processing a Better Deal


The customer wants to heat their water with electric heat instead of a gas-fired boiler.


A fruit processing company that packs product for resale had been using a gas-fired boiler to heat water that was used as a heat transfer fluid. The water in turn circulates around a large container of molten wax. Apples are then dipped into the wax, which improves the appearance of the apples and affords some protection.


Due primarily to the type of application and delivery time, the heater chosen was a stock circulation heater. The customer had also found a replacement gas unit that he could get in a couple of days. But, Watlow Hannibal could also ship their circulation heater in two days, so the customer decided he would prefer electric heat. This was mainly due to the maintenance-free operation of the circulation heater. Electric was also much easier to control and very compact in size.

Value Added:

Watlow offers quick delivery, maintenance-free operation, easy to control and compact.