Ceramic Fiber Heaters Improve Non-Ferrous Metal Melting


Melting aluminum has its challenges. Economy of operation, crucible life, ease of maintenance and metal contamination all affect productivity and product quality.


MODULE-MOUNT® system resistance heaters and space frame provided advantages over fuel-fired and induction melting/holding equipment: 

  • Ceramic fiber insulation reduced weight and lowered outside temperature of equipment, providing quieter, cleaner foundry environment.

  • More efficient heat transfer made ceramic fiber heaters more cost effective than fuel-fired, also increased purity of the melt by reducing hydrogen pickup.

  • Even radiant heat on sides of silicon-carbide crucible reduced oxidation and increased service life.

  • Modular heating elements eased installation and maintenance and reduced down time.

  • Eliminated need for expensive transformers and frequency generators needed with induction heating.