Ceramic Fiber Heaters Improve Analytical Instrumentation Furnaces


Developing high temperatures in small furnaces for analytical work.


Watlow ceramic fiber heaters effectively make unique, custom shaped furnaces for the latest generation of compact, microprocessor controlled, analytical instrumentation equipment.

Watlow ceramic fiber heaters can be used to make a variety of small, lightweight, self-contained, self-insulated furnaces that can easily mount in the OEM's instruments. By conforming precisely to the metal, glass, or quartz process tube shape, a maximum amount of insulation can be provided in the minimum of space. These tubes are typically combustion tubes, reaction tubes or catalytic bed tubes operating at furnace temperatures from l000 to 2000°F (540 to 1090°C).

Installation of these ceramic fiber heaters is simplified by minimizing the number of separate parts (heaters and insulation) that would otherwise have to be located around the heated tube. In fact, the control thermocouple can also be held in position within the furnace by mounting it in grooves provided as an integral part of the heater/insulation package.