Cable Heaters Tighten Bolts In Tight Places


Many industries use bolt heaters to develop the proper torque setting. Inserting a heater into a hollow bolt lengthens it with heat expansion, allowing the nut to be further wrench-tightened. After removing the heater, the bolt cools and contracts drawing the nut down tighter. In many bolt heater applications, there is no overhead clearance for the operators to position a non-flexible heater into the bolt's hole.


Coiled cable heaters offer the flexibility needed to gain access to the bolt's hole taking any heavy hardware apart.

Since the cable heater can be coiled to practically any outside diameter and length, Watlow can custom build bolt heaters any size (within limits). The cable heaters operate as high as 30 W/in2 (4.6 W/cm2) on the sheath, resulting in a watt density on the coil's outside diameter up to 100 W/in2 (15 W/cm2).