Diesel Fuel Burner System



AMFAB Electric Race Car's current battery system could not maintain proper temperature control before the race therefore producing lower power supply during a high altitude race.


Watlow® products were used in three battery preheating boxes, each of which holds 12 high-tech batteries. A silicone rubber heater was used to raise the ambient temperature in each box to 135°F (57°C). A Series 935 temperature controller coupled to a temperature sensor accurately maintained the proper temperature inside the box, until the batteries were put into the car before the race. AMFAB's race car competed in the Chevrolet Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb on July 4, 1996. This 12.42 mile hill climb was a speed contest for motorized vehicles that ran cars, one at a time, against the clock. The starting line was at an altitude of 9,400 feet with the finish at the 14,110 foot summit, with 156 turns. Electric vehicles were added to the Pikes Peak racing agenda as an exhibition in 1993 and as a full competition division in 1994.