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Watlow Product Trademarks

Watlow Registered Trademarks:

The following are registered trademarks of Watlow® Electric Manufacturing Company.

ASSURANT® pump line and gas line heaters
COMPOSER® software
DIN-A-MITE® power controllers
E-SAFE® II hybrid power switch
EHG® SL10 process controller and safety limit
ECO-HEAT® system
EXACTSENSE® thermocouple
EZ-ZONE® integrated controllers
FIREBAR® flat tubular heating elements
FIREROD® cartridge heaters
FLUENT® in-line heaters
FREEFLEX® flexible heated tubing
HYDROSAFE® heat exchanger
INTUITION® F4T controller
MINICHEF® temperature controllers and timers
MODULE-MOUNT® ceramic fiber furnace system
OPTIMAX® heat exchanger
RAYMAX® radiant heaters
SERV-RITE® thermocouple wire and cable
STRETCH-TO-LENGTH® gas line heating system
THERMASLEEVE® nozzle heater
THERMOPOLYMER® flexible heating elements
TRU-TUNE® auto tune
ULTRAMIC® 600 advanced ceramic heaters
W & Design® products (brand and logo)
WATCONNECT® control panels
WATLOW® temperature sensors, thermocouples, etc. for controlling temperature, pressure, humidity and other conditions
WATLOW.COM® Internet website address
XACTEMP® hand-held temperature probes
XACTPAK® mineral insulated, metal-sheathed cable


Watlow Non-Registered Product Names:

FINBAR™ tubular heater
HEATCORE™ polymer heating device
HOT-TOE™ heater
LA lead adapter system
MULTICOIL™ tubular heater
NO-ARC switching technology
POWER SERIES™ power controllers
SERIES (all uses with controllers and sensors; e.g. SERIES PD controllers or SERIES DX transmitters)
SERV TEX braid duplex insulation
STARFLOW™ circulation heater
Tubular PLUS promotional shipping program
UNIVERSAL SOLVENT™ circulation heater
WATCOUPLE™ sensor products
WATCURVE™ temperature adjustment on food processing equipment
WATLUBE cartridge heater release agent
WATROD™ round tubular heating elements
WATVIEW™ PC software
WATTS CURRENT™ newsletter
WCAD power analysis software