Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

Watlow SELECT™

Manufactured with best-in-class XACTPAK®, Watlow's trademark for metal sheathed, mineral insulated (MI) thermocouple material, XACTPAK responds fast because the protective metal outer sheath allows use of smaller diameter thermocouple conductors. The rock hard compacted MgO insulation further enhances the sensor's ability to “read” temperature by transferring heat quickly to the measuring junction.

Features & Benefits

Special mineral insulation protects thermocouple from moisture and thermal shock and permits operation in high temperature and high pressure environments

Flexibility of the XACTPAK material allows forming and bending of the thermocouple without risk of cracking, to meet design requirements

Outer sheath protects wires from oxidation and hostile environments

Wide range of sheath materials, diameters and calibrations meets specific requirements

In-house manufacturing of XACTPAK material ensures high standards are met


Optical Res Accuracy Temperature Outside Diameter
up to 2200 up to 1200 In Cm
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Quality Certificates

ISO 90012008 Certificate - Richmond

ISOIEC 17025 2005 Certificate - Sensors - 1-31-19 Richmond