Tube and Wire Thermocouples

Watlow SELECT™

Watlow is a world class supplier of temperature measurement products, with more than 90 years of manufacturing, research and design expertise. Companies engaged in critical process control of food and metals rely on Watlow thermocouples. Watlow designs and manufactures sensors to meet customers' industrial and commercial equipment needs. Watlow has developed an extensive line of thermocouples to meet a broad range of sensing needs.

Our extensive line of thermocouples feature flexible SERV-RITE® wire insulated with woven fiberglass or high temperature engineered resins. For added protection against abrasion, products can be provided with stainless steel wire braid and flexible armor. ASTM E230 color-coding identifies standard catalog thermocouple types.

The addition of a metal sheath over the thermocouple provides rigidity for accurate placement and added protection of the sensing junction. Mounting options include springs, ring terminals, specialized bolts, pipe style clamps and shims.

Features & Benefits

32 standard sheath lengths available

Thermocouples feature flexible SERV-RITE WIRE insulated with woven fiberglass or high temperature engineered resins

Rigid sheath covers the thermocouple for protection and rigidity for accurate lead placement through bulkheads or platens

Adjustable spring and armor style thermocouples bend to any angle eliminating the need to stock several styles

All thermocouple wire and thermocouple extension wire is manufactured in Watlow facilities ensuring rigid quality control and reliability; all testing has NIST traceability


Optical Res Accuracy Temperature Outside Diameter
up to 900 up to 480 0.125, 0.1875 or 0.25 in. In 3.2, 4.8 or 6 mm Cm
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Quality Certificates

ISO 90012008 Certificate - Richmond

ISOIEC 17025 2005 Certificate - Sensors - 1-31-19 Richmond