Heating Liquids

Heating a liquid can be accomplished using any of several heater types and/or a combination of types. Some heaters physically lend themselves to direct immersion in the liquid, while others are better suited for heating a pipe or vessel containing the liquid. The application descriptions below will give you a general idea on how a particular heater type is applied to heating liquids and some common examples.

Band Heaters

Clamped to exterior or interior cylindrical surfaces.


  • Freeze protection of liquids in pipes
  • Heating liquids in processing lines

Cable Heaters

Wrapped around a pipe or vessel containing a liquid, as an immersion heater, or coiled inside a short section of tubing to form a circulation heater. Often used in applications with limited space.


  • Photo processing equipment
  • Scientific instruments
  • Heat tracing

Cartridge Heaters

Mounted with a screw plug or placed in a protection well. Direct immersion recommended for water or 90+ percent water soluble solutions.


  • Food preparation
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Boilers

Ceramic Fiber Heaters

Heater panels assembled into a chamber that surrounds a tank, vessel, crucible or bath. Made-to-Order heaters can accommodate sinuated tubing and more. Radiant and convection heat transfer heats the load.


  • Fluidized beds
  • Non-ferrous metal melting and holding


Flexible Heaters

Bonded or vulcanized to the surface of a pipe or vessel. Well suited for curved and irregular shaped objects.


  • Freeze protection
  • Respiratory therapy units
  • Hydrotherapy baths


Strip Heaters

Bolted or clamped to the flat wall of a tank or vessel. Used in applications offering a suitable mounting surface and location.


  • Freeze and moisture protection
  • Food warming
  • Tank heating


Tubular and Immersion Heaters

Most often used for immersion heating as screw plug, flange, circulation or over-the-side heater assemblies. Elements can also be clamped to a tank wall. Well suited for high kilowatt requirements.


  • Deionized water rinse tanks
  • Chemical baths
  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Vapor degreasers