RM Access Module

Watlow SELECT™

The Watlow EZ-ZONE® RM Access Module controller simplifies thermal system management. The EZ-ZONE RM controller family is comprised of six module types: an integrated on-off or PID control, monitoring and over/under temperature limit module, a high-density on-off or PID control module, a high-density limit only module, an input/output (I/O) expansion module, a high-density monitor/scanner module and a data logging and field communications access module. A system is configured by connecting any combination of module types to address specific application needs. The EZ-ZONE RM is extremely flexible and scalable allowing mixing and matching of I/O to configure 1 to 152 control loops and up to 256 monitor points.

Benefits of using an integrated controller solution:
-Reduces wiring time and termination complexity compared with connecting multiple discrete products
-Improves system reliability
-Reduces termination and installation cost
-Eliminates compatibility issues often encountered with using various discrete components and brands
-Reduces troubleshooting time and downtime costs because the system can specifically identify any problems with a sensor, controller, solid state relay (SSR) power output or heater load
-Complete thermal solution saves engineering time and labor costs while shortening project schedules

Multiple inputs; from 1 to 152 PID loops of control or monitor up to 256 analog inputs
-Mix and match I/O to fit any application; from 1 input with 2 outputs to 152 analog inputs with 152 outputs, or monitor up to as many as 256 analog inputs all in one system
-Reduces cost because only required loops are purchased
-Allows a common controller platform across many design applications as both loops and outputs can be ordered in single increments

Additional Key Functions:
-Configuration communication port (standard bus)
-Removable modules and connectors
-Ring lug and front-screw terminal options
-Profile ramp soak with 400 total steps
-Retransmit and remote set point input virtually inside controller eliminating costs for input/output hardware
-User configuration settings can be stored and recalled
-Thermistor input
-Elevated operating range of 0 to 149°F (-18 to 65°C)
-UL® listed, CSA, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E. FM, SEMI F47-0200, Class 1, Div. 2 rating on selected models

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