High-Temperature FIREROD® Cartridge Heaters

The Watlow HT FIREROD cartridge heater is especially designed for high-temperature platen applications up to 1600°F (871°C). The HT FIREROD high temperature cartridge heater utilizes the same industry leading design principles used on all of Watlow's FIREROD products. Taking the cartridge heater one step further enables the HT FIREROD to withstand application temperatures up to 400°F (204°C) higher than standard cartridge heaters.

There are certain differences in the HT FIREROD design which are important in high temperature applications:

-HT FIREROD cartridge heaters are specially constructed with an end seal that is virtually airtight to reduce the effects of resistance wire oxidation
-The high-temperature sheath is treated to improve its emissivity for better heat transfer

Features & Benefits

High-temperature seal results in longer heater life

Alloy 800 sheath transfers heat more efficiently

High emissivity sheath provides better heat transfer and longer heater life

High-temperature seal

Reduces exposure to the atmosphere which minimizes oxidation of the winding wires resulting in longer life of the element; note: first 2 in. (51 mm) must be outside the platen in free air

Alloy 800 sheath

Transfers heat more efficiently

High emissivity sheath

Provides better heat transfer and longer life


Maximum Operating Temperatures
Maximum Watt Densities
Alloy 800 1600 982 100 15.5
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