Watlow SELECT™

The DIN-A-MITE C silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) power controller provides a low cost, compact and versatile solid state controller option for controlling electric heat. This solid state controller is designed and manufactured with the quality features expected from Watlow. DIN-rail and standard panel mounting plus a cabinet thru-wall mount version are available.

Basic features of the solid state controller include single-phase, three-phase/two leg, and three-phase/three leg, 24-600VAC operation. Current switching capabilities range from 30 to 80A depending on the model ordered.

Variable time base, linear voltage and current process control or VAC/VDC input contactor versions are available. Single-phase, phase angle firing and current limiting are also available. All configurations are model number dependent and factory selectable. This solid state power controller includes 200KA short circuit current rating (SCCR) tested up to 480VAC to prevent arch flash with required fusing.

Features & Benefits

200KA short circuit current rating prevents arc flash

DIN-rail,standard panel or thru-wall mount allows fast, versatile, low-cost installation

Single and three-phase power permits use in a variety of applications

Touch-safe terminals increase operator/installer safety

Open heater/shorted output alarm notifies the user in case of an open heater or shorted output

Faster switching with solid state

Saves energy and extends heater life

UL® 508 listed, C-UL® and CE with filter

Meets applications requiring agency approval

System solution component

Provides single-source thermal loop


Description Information
Mounting DIN-rail or back panel
Profiling No
Max Output 80A
Output Firing Zero Cross or Phase Angle
Phase Configurations 1 or 3
Ambient Operating Range 80°C (176°F)
Agency Approvals UL® 508, C-UL®, CE, SCCR
TRU-TUNE®+ Adaptive Control No
Remote Limit Reset No
Warranty (Years) 3

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