Watlow’s New WATCONNECT® Large and Extra-Large Panels Maximize Process Uptime and Small Footprint

Features and Benefits

Advanced thermal design

  • Offers high reliability
  • Includes solid copper internal power interconnect for less expansion and contraction
  • Provides environmental and field connection health monitoring for identifying issues before failure

Easy access to control compartment

  •  Allows for panel troubleshooting without process shutdown

Resettable components

  • Reduces maintenance time
  • Eliminates need for spare parts

Small footprint

  •  Utilizes up to 50% less control room space than other panels

Data Insights Package (optional) - Industry 4.0

  • Allows for review and analysis of the data collected by a data scientist and thermal system expert
  • Includes comprehensive quarterly thermal system report including insights and recommendations for system improvement
  • Offers collaborative touchpoints: Engineer-to-engineer data review
  • Enables preventative maintenance or factory assistance

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