Layered Heaterspolyimide heater

Watlow’s layered heaters provide the precision and flexibility needed to ensure the highest level of thermal performance in wafer processing applications. These planar heating circuits can be manufactured using various technologies including thermal spray, thick film and thin film deposition, wet etching and laser ablation. They are designed with distributed power circuitry and can accommodate multiple zones and multiple layers. Watlow has a wide range of integration capabilities that are compatible with various metal and ceramic substrates depending on the application needs. 

bonding and integrated systemsBonding and Integrated Systems

Watlow provides precision elastomeric bonding and assembly integration capabilities for critical components in wafer processing tools. Specialized tooling and innovative bond methods enable superior control over dimensional characteristics and material properties. Watlow also applies elastomeric material expertise to custom molding solutions, both for assembly integration and as stand-alone coatings, seals and gaskets.

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