High-Quality Disk Refurbishment Services

All semiconductor fabs will reach a point when the performance of their implanter wheels will need to be serviced. Refurbishment is a cost-effective way to keep the tools performing well for extended life. When issues of corrosion in the cooling passage occur, there are options to full wheel replacement, which can be extremely costly. Watlow® offers the knowledge, experience and expertise to clean and refurbish a variety of ion implant wheels, heat sinks and coated process chamber hardware saving fab tools from complete replacement. Watlow offers standard and expedited lead times exceeding industry standards and provides high-quality services, qualified technical support and superior technology and testing services.

Watlow thoroughly inspects and evaluates all incoming parts to identify damages and issues, and all findings are reported back to the customer. All parts that require liquid cooling are inspected internally and externally for corrosion, and replacement parts are available and in stock at Watlow for severely corroded pedestals and heat sinks.

Purity and cleanliness are top priority at Watlow’s world class manufacturing facility. The company’s facility in San Jose, CA features Class 100, 1000 and 10,000 cleanrooms, a full machine shop with complete CNC capabilities, an ultrasonic wash and deionized water system, decontamination and surface finishing areas and automated production equipment.

Quality is a top priority at Watlow. Wheels are re-assembled in a certified class 10,000 cleanroom, dynamic balancing is performed under high vacuum: <1g at operating speed, fully refurbished wheels are thermal and stress tested under high vacuum and final inspections are performed using calibrated measurement devices.