The global impact of COVID-19 on people and the economy is significant, and Watlow has taken a comprehensive approach to deal with the current crisis. Although the conditions are changing rapidly, we would like to share how the current situation is affecting Watlow, how we are protecting our team members, customers and partners, our business continuity plans and how we are maintaining the continuity of supply. 

We want to emphasize that Watlow remains open for business and committed to designing and manufacturing thermal solutions during this challenging time. Continue reading.

bonding and integrated systemsBonding and Integrated Systems

Watlow provides precision elastomeric bonding and assembly integration capabilities for critical components in wafer processing tools. Specialized tooling and innovative bond methods enable superior control over dimensional characteristics and material properties. Watlow also applies elastomeric material expertise to custom molding solutions, both for assembly integration and as stand-alone coatings, seals and gaskets.

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