Good sensors are important when it comes to food safety, and Watlow has a variety of accurate thermocouples and RTDs that are optimal for your grill and griddle applications.

  • Rigid sheath thermocouples provide protection and accurate placement through water-tight bulkheads. Threaded fittings and encapsulated styles are also available.
  • Nozzle style thermocouples have a short installation depth and a low profile, thus allowing control of thin sections of platens.
  • Watlow also makes a mineral insulated thermocouple (Style AF) that is protected from moisture and thermal shock and permits operation in high temperatures. This thermocouple has flexibility, allowing you to bend and form it without risk of cracking to meet design requirements.
  • Watlow's RTD tube-style (RB) sensors and thermocouples work well in various toaster applications. RTD Style RB can be found on page 100 in the Watlow sensor catalog. They are sealed, have dependable readings, customized diameters (0.125 to 0.250 inch), quick time response and a durable rigid sheath.

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