Cooking Controllers

Watlow's MINICHEF® 2000 was the industries first on-off or PID configurable temperature/time and machine function controller. The MINICHEF 2000 is used in commercial griddle applications because they contain multiple controllers in one pre-programmed cooking computer. It controls several temperatures, times and machine functions at once all in a compact design.


Power / Line Voltage

24VAC, 50 to 60Hz, 15VA maximum

Operating Temperature

32 to 176°F (0 to 80°C), 0 to 90% humidity, non-condensing

Inputs (single and dual heat channels, PID and ON/OFF)

  • Type J, K and E thermocouple
  • 100Ω, 500Ω and 1000Ω Platinum RTD, 2 or 3 wire

Inputs (two event inputs)

Switched DC logic signal, non-isolated

Output (two control output options)

Switched DC, 5V nominal, 30mA, non-isolated

Battery and Real-Time Clock Option

Internal audible or switched DC output for external audible alarm


  • UL® 877, UL® 197, UL® 60730, UL® / ANSI Z21.23
  • NSF Standard 2
  • CE EN 61326-1 – Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use, EMC requirements light industries immunity, Class B emissions
  • CE EN 60730-1:2011 – Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use – Part 1 General
  • CE EN 60730-2-9:2010 – Part 2 temperature sensing control
  • Compliant with 2011/65/EC RoHS Directive
  • Per 2012/19/EC WEEE Directive
MINICHEF logic controller