Application: Propane Dehydrogenation

Related Industry: Petrochemical Refining

Hydrocarbon feed is mixed with hydrogen-rich recycle gas and is fed into an electric heater to be heated to over 540°C (1000°F) before entering the reactors to be converted at high mono-olefin selectivity. Several inter-stage heaters are used to maintain the reaction by supplying continuous heat to counter the endothermic reaction.

Watlow Solutions



Integrated solutions for:


-Surge Pot Reactors

-Sulphur Strip

-Gas Reduction Heating Systems

An integrated, custom-engineered solution comprised of circulation heaters and control panels skid-packaged into a single assembly.

Important Thermal Considerations

  • Challenging licensor requirements
  • Process conditions
  • Longer equipment design life
  • Reaction temperature control

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