Choosing the Right Supplier

Selecting a supplier is a quantitative and qualitative process. A supplier should offer more than just "parts that meet spec." Selecting the supplier that provides the best design and manufacturing expertise can make your product more competitive and cost effective.

The following 12 design criteria will help you identify a supplier who will meet your needs.

  • Make manufacturing easier
    • Reduce the time and effort to produce a product of equal or greater performance
    • Eliminate unnecessary complexity in the process
    • Remove superfluous components from the product
  • Obtain higher quality
    • Exceeding minimum specifications and fitness for application
  • Increase reliability
    • Take into account actual operating conditions and/or operator skill
  • Lower cost
    • Reduce labor
    • Reduce or change material use
    • Use a more cost effective production approach to achieve break-even point
  • Improve performance
    • Use longer lasting components
    • Make components exceed specified minimum requirements
    • Fabricate component with greater accuracy
    • Integrate components for better system performance
  • Increase life
    • Revise part or component materials
    • Examine part or component configuration
    • Change component application
  • Lower maintenance
    • Increase maintenance intervals
    • Reduce required service levels
    • Match component to the application environment
  • Lower parts count
    • Integrate components into a single assembly
    • Make greater use of sub-assemblies
  • Reduce size and weight
    • Examine alternative materials and technologies
  • A more saleable product
    • Less expensive
    • Longer lasting
    • Faster working
    • More energy efficient
    • Easier to serviceIncrease energy efficiency
  • Reduce energy consumption
    • Increase energy actually applied to work
    • Better process control
    • Apply more suitable materials
    • Add intelligence
  • Automate as many functions to better control operating parameters
    • Ease operator interface for more and varied functions
    • Other Selection Considerations

Your selection process should also include:

A supplier experienced with:

  • Agency standards
  • The regulatory environment
  • Ship-to-stock programs
  • JIT shipments

A supplier that can provide:

  • More than one product, part or service
  • A long-term, mutually beneficial working relationship
  • Dedication to your success