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Each device presents its own set of unique advantages for OEMs and design engineers. Engineers can optimize the systems of their power and temperature controllers by incorporating both technologies. Learn more.

By Admin | 06 Nov 2020

Transitioning to a new process controller does not need to be an arduous process. Watlow® has created the new F4T® with retrofitting in mind. This means you can be back up and running in as little time as possible.

By Admin | 06 Nov 2020
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Understanding the factors that influence heat loss allows you to better calculate the insulation and power needed to heat your product. By troubleshooting any inefficiencies and reducing heat loss you can make your heating system more efficient. In this article we explore the factors related to heat loss and provide graphs to assist in calculating your current or projected heat loss.

05 Oct 2020
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Electrical noise occurs when electrical signals produce undesirable effects in the electronic circuits of the control system. This guide discusses how to identify and correct electrical noise issues.

22 Sep 2020

Cascade control involves the use of two discrete control loops. Learn how cascade control can improve your process.

22 Sep 2020

OPTIMAX optimizes heat exchange through predictive technology that redefines modern flow systems. Advanced heat exchangers such as OPTIMAX serve as crucial components in pollution prevention strategies and global sustainability movements. Read to learn more.

21 Aug 2020
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Learn more about these innovative heaters and how dual voltage changes the way you can utilize this product.

21 Aug 2020

Discover how our design engineers have improved this high-performance heater line.

21 Aug 2020
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With proper installation and normal conditions, thermocouples can be depended upon to give trouble-free service and long life. This guide walks through the basics of proper thermocouple usage.

13 Aug 2020
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Temperature controllers for industrial systems are sometimes situated in inaccessible locations. Learn how Watlow's mobile app can help reduce downtime through remote controller management.

13 Aug 2020

Mercury relays have been used in industrial applications for decades, most commonly for power switching. The latest alternatives are safer, more accurate and just as durable. Download the full paper.

21 Jul 2020

Connectivity of devices is important in today’s industries. Watlow’s RMA PLUS makes several strides to improve controller connectivity and data logging capabilities. Click the title to read more.

18 Jun 2020

Explore the newest model types available from Watlow and see how a robust SCR controller can keep your heating systems at the forefront of your industry.

02 Jun 2020

Discover how you can use this convenient tool to size your heater and power and temperature controllers to your specific heating needs.

02 Jun 2020

Setting up a control loop in PID controllers is an intricate process that has to be executed with the utmost precision. This article walks through the process.

18 May 2020